Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Preventing and Treating the Wrinkles in Your Neck

Having wrinkles on your neck is one of the most distressing skin problems many people face as they grow older. Deep neck wrinkles begin to form about the same time as wrinkles in the face, and can be caused by age, sun exposure, thin skin, and diet and physical health. Like your face the skin on your neck is very delicate, but is often ignored until wrinkles begin to appear.

There are many ways one can prevent the onset of neck wrinkles naturally such as using moisturizer on the neck and face, making sure to apply sunscreen to the neck as well. Stretching your neck has also shown to help prevent these wrinkles.  Face yoga expert Danielle Collins recommends an exercise she call “the giraffe” in which you place your finger tips on the top of your neck and lightly stroke the skin down as you tilt your head back. The head is then lowered slowly back down, this motion should repeated 2-3 times daily for best results.

If wrinkles have already begun to appear there are options to help restore beautiful skin with less makeup. Intense pulsed light and radio frequency procedures preserve the upper skin layer while rejuvenating deeper layers to help rejuvenate collagen that creates healthy, beautiful skin.

Reshaping Your Curves for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of traditional music, frequent gatherings, decorations, and delicious food.  However, for many, the holiday season is a time where they feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about their body.  When diet and exercise seem to have little to no effect on holiday weight loss goals, it is easy to get disheartened.  Fortunately, there is another fat reducing, body contouring option to help you fit back into that holiday dress: liposuction.

What is liposuction?
Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure where fat deposits under the skin are suctioned out using advanced equipment.  This procedure often focuses on eliminating fat in the arms, thighs, back, abdomen and hips.  Liposuction should not be seen as a weight loss alternative, but rather a cosmetic, aesthetic procedure to zap fat from “problem areas”.  Recovery time for this procedure is as little as two weeks.  Many individuals are choosing to get their lipo procedure done in late October or early November, so when it’s time for holiday parties, they are fully recovered.

‘Tis the season to feel confident in your body again!  Discover how with Body by Motoki liposuction procedures can help.