Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More Men Are Turning To Surgery To Meet Their Cosmetic Needs

With the advancement of procedures, options and plastic surgery becoming less of a taboo topic, it’s not surprising that more men are feeling open to exploring surgical options to meet their aesthetic needs. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery listed the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men as having increased by over 325 percent since 1997. So, what are the most common procedures? The top five surgical procedures listed for men in 2015 were: Liposuction, Nose Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Male Breast Reduction, and Facelift.

Non-surgical options are on the rise as well with medical grade skin care products, chemical peels, laser facial and photofacial (IPL) treatments being increasingly more common. There are so many treatment options available, so if you’re looking to improve your appearance or simply wanting to reduce the typical signs of aging, there’s never been a better time than now for fulfilling your surgical or non-surgical cosmetic needs. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Is Breast Implant Removal or Replacement Right for You?

Women seek breast augmentation for a variety of personal reasons.  Women also seek breast implant removal or replacement for number of reasons.   Some women note dissatisfaction with breast changes that have occurred following pregnancy, menopause, general aging or weight loss, and may desire a different breast size or shape.  Other common reasons for revision may include formation of capsular contracture, implant rupture, or desire for a different type of implant material than what was originally placed.  

You have many options including removing the implants altogether, downsizing or upsizing your implants, or exchanging implants from saline to silicone.  These options may also be performed with or without a concurrent breast lifting procedure.   

A thorough breast examination and consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, David S. Motoki, M.D.  is the first step towards deciding what option is best for you!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Just as children are different and unique, so are the effects which having children can produce on a woman’s body.   The degree of these changes is unique to each ‘mommy’.   Following pregnancy many women note that even after they ‘lose the baby weight’ they are left with subtle, or not so subtle, changes in their figures.  A mommy makeover surgical intervention is a popular option for restoring and enhancing a woman’s body. 

Most women who seek a mommy makeover have experienced some degree of breast changes, which can include a decrease or increase in breast size, sagging, or disproportionate areola size.   Abdominal changes may include stretch marks, skin laxity and separation of the abdominal wall muscles, or
stubborn fat deposits that do not adequately respond to diet and exercise.  In addition, some women note undesirable changes in the labia minora.   A mommy makeover may include a combination of  breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, labiaplasty and liposuction to rejuvenate the post-pregnancy body. 

Whether it is a single area of concern or multiple bothersome areas, Dr. David Motoki’s expertise can help moms of all ages regain their body confidence through customized mommy makeovers.    Find out more by visiting our website .

Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Foods to Eat After Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgeries requested.  Liposuction can positively change the appearance of your body by sculpting and contouring your figure, however it is not a weight loss solution, nor is it a substitute for diet and exercise.  The best candidates for liposuction have developed a healthy lifestyle prior to having surgery.

In order to realize the best results following liposuction, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle by continuing good eating habits and, if necessary, adopt new eating habits by making certain modifications in your diet.  These changes do not need to be extreme, just make sure your diet after surgery includes healthier choices over unhealthy eating.  The best rule of is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins into your diet and watch your sugars and simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. Keep your body hydrated with plenty of water and watch your portion sizes.   These simple strategies, along with your commitment to healthy living will allow you to keep looking your best following liposuction. 

Smoking and Plastic Surgery: A Dangerous Combination

Before getting plastic surgery, there are a few lifestyle changes a patient may have to make to make the surgery and recovery process successful.  A few changes your plastic surgeon may recommend are changing your diet, drinking more water, or discontinuing the use of certain supplements.  One major lifestyle change many plastic surgeons recommend of every patient in order to be eligible for a procedure is quitting smoking. 

Body by Motoki: Requirements
Because we care about the overall well-being of our patients, we will not perform procedures on individuals whose smoking habit will jeopardize their recovery.  As such, we require a patient to quit smoking and all forms of nicotine exposure for a minimum of 6 weeks before and after surgery.

Why is this a requirement?
Nicotine, a chemical found in cigarettes, e-cigarettes, patches, gum, snuff, chewing tobacco, pipes, and cigars, has several significant adverse effects on the body.  One of these major effects is shrinkage of the blood vessels which results in overall decreased blood flow.  After plastic surgery, the body relies on blood to help the recovery process. Limited blood flow caused by smoking can hinder or extremely delay proper healing from a procedure.  Also, individuals who are exposed to nicotine are more likely to have procedure-related complications including blood clots, infection, and loss of tissue.

If you considering undergoing plastic surgery and are a nicotine user, there are several resources available to help you stop.  These include support groups, counseling and smoking cessation resources.  Begin your nicotine-free journey to a healthier you TODAY!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How Soon After Having My Baby Can I Get a Mommy Makeover?

Many mothers struggle with the weight gain and body distortions that come with pregnancy. The effects of these body changes can leave the mother feeling self-conscious and vulnerable about what their body now looks like. Luckily, there are surgical options that can drastically improve the post-baby body. The Mommy Makeover can include,

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation can be done using silicone gel breast implants, saline breast implants or anatomical breast implants. The implants will give you fuller breasts.

Breast Lift: Once your breasts have gone through the process of pregnancy and producing milk, they may suffer from stretching, leaving them saggier than before. A breast lift can help reduce the sagginess and lift them to where they used to sit.

Abdominoplasty: Women are blessed to have bodies that can undergo the stress of having a baby. Pregnancy can leave the body looking different from what it was before. For example, the stomach muscles can stretch making it harder for the tummy to be firm and flat again. Loose skin commonly occurs resulting in a sagging appearance. An abdominoplasty can tighten the muscles and remove excess skin, to help you feel more confident.

Liposuction: Liposuction is ideal for mothers who have areas of excess fat even after toning their bodies.

So, how soon after the baby is it safe to get a mommy makeover? You may want to consider holding off until you have lost the baby weight. You should also wait until you are done breast feeding for at least three months if you are considering breast surgery. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. David Motoki to learn about your options for a Mommy Makeover. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast revision surgery is ideal for women who want to improve the results of previous cosmetic breast surgery. The revision can change the size or shape of the implants and address any problems with your prior breast augmentation. The goal of this procedure is to restore and remake the breasts for a more satisfied you.

Why consider breast revision:

Size: One of the most common reasons to consider breast revision is to adjust the size of the breasts, whether your primary breast augmentation is too small or too big.

Deflation or Leakage: It is possible for saline implants to deflate or silicone implants to develop a shell leak. Deflated or leaking implants should be replaced.

Scar tissue: Excessive scar tissue may cause the implants to feel hard or can cause discomfort. Scar tissue can be removed to make the breasts feel more natural.

Loose skin: Loose breast skin can cause the breasts to sag in appearance. A breast lift can help your breasts look more youthful.  

Visible or palpable rippling of the implant:  Women who notice rippling may elect to replace their implants with a more molecularity cohesive silicone gel implant.

Whatever the reason may be, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. David Motoki to learn about your options and find out if breast revision surgery is right for you. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can Eyelid Surgery Improve Your Vision?

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that involves treating the upper or lower eyelids to improve loose saggy skin, wrinkles and bags. Blepharoplasty can result in a more youthful and energetic appearance of the eyes. In some men and women who have very saggy upper eyelids the blepharoplasty surgery can actually improve their peripheral vision. Blepharoplasty can remove excess sagging skin, muscle or fat to improve the aged and tired look of the eyes. In some people the major problem is sagging of the forehead and eyebrows rather than excess upper eyelid skin and these people benefit from a forehead- brow lift.

As people age the skin loses elasticity. The loss of elasticity and gravity can cause the sagging skin to collect on the upper eyelids. Many older adults consider eyelid surgery to help improve their vision. Their vision can be enhanced because the eyelid surgery can decrease any skin that may be blocking their view. There is a simple test to see how your vision can improve with upper eyelid surgery. Simply take your finger and lift up your upper eyelid or areas that sag. If there is a drastic difference, then it is time to consider eyelid surgery.

There is a whole world out there waiting to be seen. Schedule a consultation with Dr. David Motoki to help determine if you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

Should You Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is for men and women who want to reduce the size of their breasts. You may wonder why men would be included. Some men suffer from gynecomastia, a condition of breast tissue development.

-Health: This is the number one reason why someone may want a breast reduction. Women with large breasts tend to suffer from back pain that can limit their physical activity. Breast reduction can relieve the back pain and allow these women to become more active. Some health conditions can cause breast development in men and an evaluation is necessary to look for a cause.

-Clothes: For many women, it is difficult to find tops that can fit their larger breast size without looking loose or baggy in other areas. Breast reduction surgery can help make the breasts more proportionate to the rest of the body. Men with gynecomastia can also struggle to find clothing that fits properly and looks good.

-Personal Gain: Larger breasts can be a distraction or annoyance for many women and breast reduction surgery can improve their appearance and lifestyle. Many women become more physically active after breast reduction surgery and often lose weight. Men feel more comfortable at the gym and pool. Breast reduction surgery can enhance self-esteem for both women and men.

Discuss your concerns and questions with Dr. David Motoki, and together you can decide if breast reduction surgery is right for you.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why Spring is a Good Time to Get Cosmetic Surgery

From April- mid-June, cosmetic surgery becomes very popular. People want to get their work done before the summer because of pool parties, vacations, weddings, etc. Summer is a season where people want to relax and not undergo surgery, so they opt to do this in the off seasons like spring.

Some advantages of cosmetic surgery in the spring:
     Climate is still not that warm, making it easier to cover up with clothing.
     Your children are still in school, which will allow you more time for healing and relaxing.
     The perfect time to give your body the amount of healing it needs right before summer.

Some surgeries many want right before summer:
     Breast Augmentation: Many want their breasts to look good and full in their swimsuit. This can be achieved by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. It will enhance your figure and give you confidence in your swimsuit this summer.

     Tummy Tuck: Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty helps to reverse those undesirable changes in the abdomen. This will make your tummy look flatter and more toned in your swimsuit.

     Body Contouring: You have worked hard this past fall and winter to achieve your desired look, by working out and staying true to a diet. But the results have left your skin hanging and loose. Don't worry, with body contouring; you can have the swimsuit body you’ve always dreamed about.

Schedule your spring cosmetic surgery today at Body By Motoki.

What Questions to Ask When Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery

The time has come when you have decided that you want to undergo cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is very exciting, and something that will change your life forever. With that being said, you need to make sure you ask the correct questions before taking the next step. Here are some questions to get you started.

Question 1: Is the surgeon certified? It is best to search for a doctor that is board certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery. Certification helps to ensure their certain skills and knowledge.
Question 2: What is their experience? Make sure that they have experience in the procedure you desire. Ask for their portfolio to see examples of their work.
Question 3: What are the potential risks? Any good doctor will be honest and open about what could possibly go wrong.
Question 4: Where will the surgery take place? The surgery must be performed at a licensed and accredited facility. It needs to meet health and safety codes.
Question 5: Does the doctor have hospital privileges? You may need to stay in a hospital for some duration of time. You want to make sure your doctor can still provide you care, rather than another doctor with no previous knowledge of your care.

Congratulations on this next step for a more confident you. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Young vs. Old Who is getting more plastic surgery

From the Kardashian sisters to Kaley Cuoco it seems plastic surgery headlines are becoming more and more common. But are young millennials getting more cosmetic surgery than their parents? The Washington Post recently took a look and the answers may surprise you.
Online Bloggers and beauty mavens seem to devote an increasing focus on the rising trend of cosmetic surgery at a younger age. However according to statistics baby boomers are actually visiting their plastic surgeons more often than any other demographic.
In 2015 in fact, patients over the age of 65 increased their rate of facelift and eyelid surgeries by over 50%

No matter your age cosmetic surgery is clearly nothing to be ashamed of. Modern procedures range from tightening and toning the body to full surgical procedures. No matter what you choose our board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motoki can help you achieve your body goals.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spring is here, How are Your New Year's Resolutions Coming Along?

It’s crazy to believe that just over 60 days ago we were all counting down to 2017. For many of us that meant raising a glass and proclaiming “New Year, New Me!” Once the excitement (and possible hangover) wore off, it was time to buckle down and work on our New Year’s resolutions. For many people that resolution is to lose weight, get in shape, or just drop a few pounds.
Fast forward past Valentine’s Day, and start getting ready for Easter. How are your resolutions coming? Yelp right? With April just around the corner and swimsuit season well on its way maybe it’s time to revisit the abandoned weight loss goals from just a few weeks prior.
Odds are you don’t plan to fail at your weight loss goal; you plan to pick yourself up and make a plan to work out, eat healthily, and stick to your goals. But when the scale just doesn’t show the payoff it can be easy to get discouraged.

At Body by Motoki, we offer our clients several options for people who are looking to lose weight. We believe losing weight is an achievable goal, but there is no reason to go at it alone. Our expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motoki can help tailor you take off the extra pounds in a way that works for both your goals and individual circumstances and have it done in time for bathing suit season!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Five Things to Consider if you are Considering Breast Augmentation

Like any type of surgery it is important to put a lot of thought into a decision such as undergoing breast augmentation. This decision should be approached with care and carefully considered and discussed with close friends or family. Here are some factors we suggest considering before you decide to make the plunge.

11    How is your Overall Health?
Your health will be a major factor in determining if you are an ideal candidate for this type of surgery. Your plastic surgeon will need to know your health history, medications, and any conditions that may increase the risk of complications. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and exercise can also have an effect on your eligibility

22   Have you had Children?
If you have had children you are probably like many other women who are considering a breast augmentation. However, if you plan to have additional children in the future make sure your cosmetic surgeon is aware so they can take care not to disturb the milk gland and nipples.

33    Financial Feasibility
Most plastic surgery is not covered by private insurance. Because of this the financial burden for surgery can be a heavy weight. There are several options including financing and payment plans that can make your dreams a reality.

44    Choosing your Plastic Surgeon

Finally making the choice on a surgeon to preform your operation can greatly affect the outcome. Our surgeon Dr. Motoki is Board certified and will ensure your safety throughout the procedure. No matter who you choose for the final operation perform thorough research and check reviews when making a decision on who will perform the operation. 

Rejuvenate Your Post-Pregnancy Body with a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and giving birth are the catalyst for a LOT of changes.  Your life and your family will never be the same the moment your home is blessed with a child.  However, the motherhood isn’t all perks and pluses.  Pregnancy and childbearing can take quite the toll on a woman’s body: weight gain, stretch marks, deflated and sagging breasts, stretched out stomach muscles, etc.

Oftentimes, diet and exercise after pregnancy are enough to get your body in shape again.  However, if these measures are not sufficient, there is another option: The mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover: It’s Time to Do Something for You
A mommy makeover is a combination of different cosmetic procedures that are intended to renew the body post pregnancy and post childbirth.  The most commonly requested procedures are a tummy tuck, breast enhancement (a lift plus augmentation), and liposuction fat removal. These combined procedures have helped several moms boost their confidence and “get their body back”.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Avoiding and Treating the Wrinkles in Your Neck

Having wrinkles on your neck is one of the most distressing skin problems many people face as they grow older. Deep neck wrinkles begin to form about the same time as wrinkles in the face, and can be caused by age, sun exposure, thin skin, and diet and physical health. Like your face the skin on your neck is very delicate, but is often ignored until wrinkles begin to appear.

There are many ways one can prevent the onset of neck wrinkles naturally such as using moisturizer on the neck and face, making sure to apply sunscreen to the neck as well. Stretching your neck has also shown to help prevent these wrinkles and face yoga expert Danielle Collins recommends an exercise she call “the giraffe” in which you place your finger tips on the top of your neck and lightly stroke the skin down as you tilt your head back. The head is then lowered slowly back down, this motion should repeated 2-3 times daily for best results.

If wrinkles have already begun to appear there options to help restore beautiful skin with less make up. Laser resurfacing is a popular procedure that eliminates the upper layers of skin while rejuvenating deeper layers to help rejuvenate collagen that creates healthy, beautiful skin.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Labiaplasty

For some women, the idea of a labiaplasty can seem new and unfamiliar, but you can rest assured that it is a common and sought after procedure. Here are the most popular reasons to have it done:

1. Birth defects: Some women are not happy with their shape and size of their labia that was bestowed upon them at birth. This is a completely logical position to take, and we have helped many patients to achieve a look that compliments them better.

2. Childbirth: After having children, the tissue around the pubic region can be stretched and remain loose. In these cases, our surgeon can consult with you on safe ways to improve the look and feel of your intimate areas. You might also consider our full Mommy Makeover to take back some of the features that may have been changed by nature.

3. Hygiene: Sometimes misshapen tissue can lead to recurring infections or buildup of various biological baddies. In these cases, surgery may be an option to remove the folds of skin where bacteria can hide.

4. Better intimacy: Aside from the aesthetic improvements that can be made to the labia, there may be some improvements that will add fire back to the bedroom. In many ways, this has to do with better confidence in your body image, but some patients do report better physical stimulation after having their procedures.

5. Wardrobe comfort: If your pants or panties are constantly giving you discomfort and you feel that your labia may be an issue; we can help you determine the best course of action. Sometimes, it's better to take care of a problem today for long-term comfort in the future.