Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why Spring is a Good Time to Get Cosmetic Surgery

From April- mid-June, cosmetic surgery becomes very popular. People want to get their work done before the summer because of pool parties, vacations, weddings, etc. Summer is a season where people want to relax and not undergo surgery, so they opt to do this in the off seasons like spring.

Some advantages of cosmetic surgery in the spring:
     Climate is still not that warm, making it easier to cover up with clothing.
     Your children are still in school, which will allow you more time for healing and relaxing.
     The perfect time to give your body the amount of healing it needs right before summer.

Some surgeries many want right before summer:
     Breast Augmentation: Many want their breasts to look good and full in their swimsuit. This can be achieved by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. It will enhance your figure and give you confidence in your swimsuit this summer.

     Tummy Tuck: Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty helps to reverse those undesirable changes in the abdomen. This will make your tummy look flatter and more toned in your swimsuit.

     Body Contouring: You have worked hard this past fall and winter to achieve your desired look, by working out and staying true to a diet. But the results have left your skin hanging and loose. Don't worry, with body contouring; you can have the swimsuit body you’ve always dreamed about.

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What Questions to Ask When Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery

The time has come when you have decided that you want to undergo cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is very exciting, and something that will change your life forever. With that being said, you need to make sure you ask the correct questions before taking the next step. Here are some questions to get you started.

Question 1: Is the surgeon certified? It is best to search for a doctor that is board certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery. Certification helps to ensure their certain skills and knowledge.
Question 2: What is their experience? Make sure that they have experience in the procedure you desire. Ask for their portfolio to see examples of their work.
Question 3: What are the potential risks? Any good doctor will be honest and open about what could possibly go wrong.
Question 4: Where will the surgery take place? The surgery must be performed at a licensed and accredited facility. It needs to meet health and safety codes.
Question 5: Does the doctor have hospital privileges? You may need to stay in a hospital for some duration of time. You want to make sure your doctor can still provide you care, rather than another doctor with no previous knowledge of your care.

Congratulations on this next step for a more confident you.