Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Young vs. Old Who is getting more plastic surgery

From the Kardashian sisters to Kaley Cuoco it seems plastic surgery headlines are becoming more and more common. But are young millennials getting more cosmetic surgery than their parents? The Washington Post recently took a look and the answers may surprise you.
Online Bloggers and beauty mavens seem to devote an increasing focus on the rising trend of cosmetic surgery at a younger age. However according to statistics baby boomers are actually visiting their plastic surgeons more often than any other demographic.
In 2015 in fact, patients over the age of 65 increased their rate of facelift and eyelid surgeries by over 50%

No matter your age cosmetic surgery is clearly nothing to be ashamed of. Modern procedures range from tightening and toning the body to full surgical procedures. No matter what you choose our board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motoki can help you achieve your body goals.

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