Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reconstructive Surgery is Beneficial to Many

Cancer is always a scary diagnosis.  Many types of cancer can leave physical scars as well as emotional ones.  Reconstructive Surgery in our Utah office can be very beneficial to our clients that have undergone mastectomy, or skin cancer removal.  Reconstructing the breasts after mastectomy can have a huge impact on a woman’s emotional state and give her back confidence.  Maybe you have a deep hole where skin cancer once resided, Dr. Motoki is an expert in reconstructing these types of issues using your own tissue. We can set up a consultation to help you understand the various reconstructive surgical procedures that are available to you.  

There is another reason you may want reconstructive surgery in our Utah office.  Cleft lip, or cleft palate can leave you disfigured.  Many are born with this condition.  Dr. Motoki has years of experience in repairing these conditions.  Maybe you are considering breast reduction surgery due to back, neck, and shoulder pain.  We can offer reconstructive surgery for those who wish to have a breast reduction procedure done in our Utah office.  There is no need to let these conditions permanently disfigure your body.  Get back the body you are used to and regain your confidence.  Contact our Utah Office today.  

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