Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Covering up immediately after plastic surgery can help you feel more comfortable.

Many people are improving their appearance with plastic surgery and winter is a great time to go for it.  Most people are home more in the winter and able to take time off more easily.  The cold also limits many activities.  This makes it easier to recover from any procedure that is done.

Most any plastic surgery will require a small amount of time for recovery and cause some bruising which many may prefer to avoid being seen with.  Since people are less active and not out as often in the winter they are able to limit their exposure with the bruises.

If they do need to be seen in public there are some easy ways to cover the blemishes up.  Normal concealer can work wonders on lighter bruisers.  Products such as Dermablend to cover facial and neck marks or Kat Von D tattoo concealer which can cover large marks.  Erase Paste by Benefit can also work when using it in combination with foundation makeup.  If the bruises still need a little bit more then consider trying a mauve lipstick with concealer under.  Bruise covering kits are also available.

By trying some of these things people are able to still be active without having to continually explain what the bruises are from.  

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