Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Skin Care Tips to Prevent Wrinkles and Keep Skin Healthy

Skin care is one of the highest priorities for many people who want to achieve a younger and more natural look. Caring for your skin is always important for maintaining healthy skin, and can help prevent wrinkles and other issues as you get older. Here are some of our top tips for maintaining healthy skin throughout your life.

Don’t Smoke: Smoking cigarettes causes many issues within the body that can lead to deteriorating skin. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the body to contract and cut off the oxygen supply to the skin. The reduced oxygen levels allow for toxins to spread more freely throughout the body, and creates skin wrinkles. Smokers also often develop lines on their lips that can make them appear much older than they really are.

Avoid Tanning Beds: While tanning beds have declined in popularity recently, the goal of having smooth tan skin is still at the top of many people’s priorities. Tanning beds have not only been linked to skin cancer development, but can also cause the elasticity of the skin sag and droop.

Don’t Pick at Acne:  While the temptation to pick at acne can be great at times, this can often lead to bumpy skin and unsightly scarring. In some cases picking can make the acne worse and slow the healing process.

Find a Good Moisturizer: Find a product that works well with your skins temperament and use it regularly.  This keeps your skin looking fresh and promotes elasticity and durability. 

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