Monday, November 30, 2015

Considering a Tummy Tuck? Here are some things to Consider before the Procedure

Today, many individuals find that diet and exercise are the key to weight loss and a tighter stomach.  However, when regular ab workouts and healthy eating over an extended period bring limited results, many people become disheartened.  This is where tummy tucks come in.

A tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure where a plastic surgeon removes excess fat and skin in/on the abdomen and tightens the muscles in the abdominal area.  People who are working to lose weight with minimal results and women whose abdomens are stretched post pregnancy are some of the main people who choose tummy tucks.  Over the past several years, tummy tucks have increased in popularity in the United States, with thousands of people getting the procedure each year.

What to Consider Before the Procedure
Before choosing to have a tummy tuck, it is important for patients to do their research.  The following are a few necessary things to consider:
  • Who is performing your procedure?  The plastic surgeon you choose can have a significant impact on the results of your procedure.  Before selecting a surgeon, ensure he is board certified through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has had previous experience performing abdominoplasty procedures.  Patients can also get in contact with former patients of the same surgeon to ask them about their experience.
  • What kind of procedure do you want? There are several tummy tuck procedures patients can choose from.  They can have a procedure that addresses a) the lower abdomen only, b) both the upper and lower abdomen, or c) the upper and lower abdomen and the sides.
  • How long is the procedure? A typical procedure lasts 1-5 hours.
  • Are you prepared for the recovery time? Compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures, tummy tucks tend to have a longer recovery time.  Patients should expect to have swelling that lasts for several weeks post surgery.  It can be helpful to ask the surgeon and staff, what other recovery symptoms they should expect.

Love the Results of Your Procedure

Although getting a tummy tuck is a big and serious decision, it also comes with a lot of benefits.  Post procedure patients have a flatter, tighter, more toned tummy.  Abdominoplasty also comes with several health benefits, namely the reduction of fat cells, which helps abdominal organs to function properly. The results of abdominoplasty usually last throughout the patient’s life, giving them long-term confidence with their “new” slimmer body.  

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