Thursday, March 3, 2016

Choose the Right Plastic Surgery

How to choose the right plastic surgery for you

Having plastic surgery is an important step to improving confidence and a person’s appearance.  Everyone has heard the horror stories of plastic surgery that went wrong.   So how can someone who is having a procedure done make sure they have a quality surgeon that will make sure it’s done right?  The first step is to check their qualifications.  Verify that they are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and properly trained.  Not all surgeons are the same.  To get board certified each doctor must meet a variety of different qualifications such as training, education, and experience.  It is important to know if a surgeon is board certified by looking at their record.  Depending on which state you are in you can view a surgeon’s record online or request it through the mail.  Watch for any settlements or disciplinary action that they may have had handed down.  Those are huge red flags for any plastic surgeon.  When meeting with a doctor make sure to come loaded with questions.  One question to make sure to get answered is if the surgeon has hospital privileges for the procedures you are considering.  Having hospital privileges is important because it shows there is a plan in case a complication arises.  Hospitals also perform background checks meaning that a surgeon with hospital privileges has been thoroughly investigated.  

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