Friday, October 7, 2016

Why Now Might Be the Time for an Eyebrow/Forehead Lift

Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger. Eventually that once beautiful, healthy skin is going to age with us. The tissues found in the brow and forehead descend and cause those muscles in the face to work more frequently, which in turn, causes those deep lines you see in the mirror. Those deep lines often begin to give the face an aged appearance or will convince others that you are tired, angry or sad, when that’s just not the case.

It is important before considering this procedure to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Motoki, about your options and what will give you the results you are looking for. Once you have discussed your options and Dr. Motoki has provided you with the information you need, the procedure will take place.

This procedure can be done through small incisions within the hair using endoscopic equipment, or can be done through a scalp incision or anterior hairline incision.  The brow and forehead are then lifted to a more youthful position. This procedure takes generally one to two hours to complete under general anesthesia.

In a brow and forehead lift procedure by Dr. Motoki, you are guaranteed a youthful and refreshed appearance. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation!

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